5 Items to Get a Luxurious Bedroom Feel Without the Wild Expense

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Finding bedroom necessities that are comfortable, pet-friendly and don’t break the bank are hard to come by! A balanced life most definitely includes a cost-friendly, and ultra-cozy bedroom retreat! After lots of trial and error, along with ruined bedding from items that didn’t hold up, I have finally found a list of items I highly recommend. With 4 pets running around, all of which are allowed in our bed because we are suckers for animal snuggles, this list has definitely been a challenge to compile. Now that it is ready, I hope this list will help you find something comfy, affordable and able to withstand wear-and-tear!

Here we go! These are in no particular order – I don’t think I could possibly choose!

  1. Cool, Soft Sheets
Cool sheets, linen-like duvet, Buffy comforter and neck-supporting pillow!

These light grey sheets pictured above are smooth, cool, and resist wrinkling so well! We leave our bed with a tousled look, so there definitely are some wrinkles in ours. However, it’s really the comfort, washability and price point that makes us obsessed. These king-size sheets (including 2 pillow cases) are only $45, but tend to be on sale frequently in the $30-range! The best part, they come in 20+ colors/patterns.

2. Linen-like Duvet Cover

The olive green duvet cover in the picture above is cotton and meant to mimic expensive linen! And boy, does it do the trick! When I have looked on websites like Parachute for comparable linen duvet covers, they run in the $250-$300 range. I cannot justify spending that much on a duvet when I know I will have animals running around on it each day. But, I didn’t want to give up the look of a loose, tousled linen duvet. I scoured Amazon and finally found this king-size gem for only $49.99. What. a. find. On top of that, it comes in a few colors and has two cute pillowcase shams included. If all that is not cool enough, it has a stone-wash look that becomes a bit more noticeable with each wash that adds to the aesthetic.

Kona is most definitely a fan of the cozy duvet and Buffy comforter.

3. Cooling Buffy Breeze Comforter

Maybe you have heard of the Buffy Breeze comforter through ads, I know I had! Eric and I are both hot sleepers, and with two basset hounds in the bed, it gets toasty. After going through a bunch of comforters, we finally splurged on a Buffy. (The king-size costs $199). Although the Buffy was a bit more pricey than other comforters, it has been well worth the cost. It is eucalyptus (which is what makes it so cooling) and washable, too, which is excellent when you have slobbery little creatures like us. And despite the 90 degree weather this summer, we have been cool and cozy the entire time!

4. Neck Relief Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow has been my neck-saver, especially after looking at a computer screen all day during the pandemic. The mid-twenties hit me hard and I needed a supportive pillow. I wanted something firm that allowed me to lay on my back or side, and to help me wake up without neck tension and soreness. I tried a few pillows (like a Casper one), but they were all just too soft. I came across this pillow and decided to give it a shot after reading all the reviews! At first I wasn’t sold – it was hard to get used to. After about a week, I was in love. My neck was feeling consistently better, my head felt ultra-supported no matter which way I slept, and it has a convenient washable cover (raise your hand if you drool in your sleep, too!). I’ve had this pillow for over a year now and would absolutely recommend, especially for the price point!

5. Luxury-Look Blinds

Blinds! Why does no one tell you buying blinds for your house is so pricey?! When Eric and I bought our house in December, the first thing we realized was that people can see everything from the outside – yikes! We looked at blinds from Home Depot and Lowe’s and some online companies, but they all would have cost us about $2,000+ to do the windows in our house; that was for blinds that we were not even super thrilled about. Um, no thank you, we just put a down payment on our first house, we will not be dropping that much on window coverings!!! So again, I scoured and found some blinds for a fraction of the cost. We ended up spending about $500. Using this company, all we had to do was measure our windows and send in the dimensions! They were custom fit, came in quickly, and easy to put up by ourselves. I am SO happy with this find. They filter light well and provide privacy, but don’t black out the room. However, they have an option to pay a little extra to add lining. Ta-da! We achieved a high-end bamboo blind look, privacy, shade, and didn’t dish out thousands for it. Even better – they have lots of different styles and colors to choose from!

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post about a specific topic, I had a lot of fun sharing my finds! I hope it can make your life simpler, comfier, and less expensive.



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